Jacqui Grice – East Yorkshire

Nicki assessed Mac and was able to offer a keen eye and spot issues that had been missed in the past.  Mac had been underperforming for some time, losing his right back leg and tripping. Nicki immediately spotted the problems, and although she treated his soreness around the SI area, she quickly found that his back-end issue was linked to his right stifle and was able to give him treatment to ease his soreness. Scans showed her to be correct and he had arthritis in that joint. Through a combination of vet treatment and support from Nicki, Mac remains in a comfortable state and has begun to participate in light hacking and schooling again.
I would thoroughly recommend Nicki to any horse owner. She is quietly competent, able to quickly build a rapport with the horse and has a keen eye for the way a horse moves, picking up on subtle issues.